Libertarian Party of Georgia Urges Defeat of All Ballot Amendments

Libertarian Party of Georgia Urges Defeat of All Ballot Amendments

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ATLANTA - The Libertarian Party of Georgia released their recommendations for the constitutional amendments and referendum to appear on November's ballot today on their website,  The Libertarian Party is urging voters statewide to cast a "No" vote on each of the five proposed constitutional amendments, as well as the proposed referendum.  

In their recommendation release, Georgia Libertarians took a position on Amendment 1 that may surprise voters.  Their position calls for a "No" vote, citing a stifling of marketplace expansion by enforcing employment contract clauses that prohibit former employees of a company to go to work for a competing firm or to start their own venture.  They note that by protecting the interests of big business, by adding a barrier to entry into the marketplace, is not a solution for economic growth.

"When a large company releases an employee, or an employee leaves a firm of their own will, punishing that employee beyond their term of employment by contractually barring them from joining a competitor or starting their own firm in the same field hurts the potential economic growth," said Operations Director, Brett Bittner.  "By preventing employees from choosing the 'best fit' for their abilities, you stifle the free market that exists for labor."

The remaining amendments also receive a "No" vote recommendation from the Party, citing increases in taxes and fees and budget concerns for Amendments 2-4.  Amendment 5 receives a "No" vote due to the irrevocable annexation clause, should a property owner choose removal from an industrial area.  To see the full report of recommendations, visit

The Libertarian Party is Georgia’s third largest political party and the only party in Georgia promoting fewer taxes, less government and personal liberty for all Georgians. To learn more, please visit


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