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[THOSE WHO AGREE: Please add your name to the list at the bottom and
forward to LNC Chair Bill Redpath at with CC to
hogarth@gmail. com]


It is now over a half a business day since President Bush announced an
escalation in Iraq, and several days since word of the escalation has
been widely available. Many members of the Libertarian Party are
concerned at the apparent lack of response from the Libertarian Party
to this dangerous and manifestly anti-freedom action on the part of
the US government.

We believe that the war in Iraq and the growing American imperialism
is one of the most significant issues - if not *the* most significant
- of our time. We believe the Libertarian response to this war, and
especially escalation, should be clear and unambiguous. We want to see
the Libertarian Party at the forefront of this fateful issue - not
lagging behind with weak and ineffective statements, but rather
pressing forward with bold and freedom-oriented proposals. The
Libertarian Party should be an antiwar leader, not a follower. The
Party should rally its members to protest the war and American
interventionism vigorously.

Therefore we beg you to consider issuing a position paper which takes
the following strong antiwar positions:

- The US government should remove all American troops from Iraq immediately.

- The US government should have no role in determining how Iraqi oil
revenues are distributed.

- The US government should cease escalation of rhetoric and action against Iran.

- The US government should immediately cease all embargoes everywhere.

The following members of the Libertarian Party are in agreement on the
statement above and add their urgings for speedy and decisive action
on your part.

Susan Hogarth, Chair, Libertarian Party of Wake County, NC
Paul Elledge, LP member from North Carolina
Sidney Phillip Rhodes, LP member from North Carolina
Seth Anthony, Chair, Libertarian Party at Colorado State University
Paul Frankel, LP member from Alabama


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